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An Amazing Video on Trust
by Satu Korby, LPC on March 5th, 2014

Someone sent me this amazing video yesterday (thank you!)  - acrobats from Cirque de Soleil - so beautiful. I was blown away not only by the strength and grace and beauty of the two people in it, but also by the unwavering trust they have in each other. The narrative about trust speaks to letting go - to stop worrying, relax a part of our minds to focus on what is in front of us. We usually brace ourselves to be let down, to worry and not trust. Trust is our relationship to the unknown, the knowing and realizing that we are not able to control everything.  It's not easy. But, so worth it and so extraordinary if you can get there. Who can you trust? How can you grow?

Go to this link to see this amazing video:
I hope you have an amazing day!!


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